cPanel License Installation

Have a cPanel License? Installation on your server couldn’t be easier. Here’s a simple how-to on adding a cPanel License with us:

Step 1: Get to the cPanel Page

We’re breaking these steps up really, really small here because it is just that simple to set up a cPanel License with NetDepot. So, the first step here really isn’t even a step. After you’ve logged in to your NetDepot Server Control Panel, click on “Software Licenses” > “cPanel License”.

Navigate to the cPanel License page

Step 2: Add Your cPanel IP

This gets a tad complicated. You have to decide whether you’re adding the cPanel Dedicated License or the cPanel VPS License. Either way, go ahead and plug your license’s IP address into the appropriate field and click the “add” button next to that field. Your page will reload and you should see the license displayed below the add license fields! Continue reading “cPanel License Installation”

Setting up a NetDepot Cloud Server

So, you’ve decided it’s time to get a cloud server set up for that next project your starting on. Great! NetDepot is here to make that a breeze for you. Here’s a simple how-to on setting up a cloud server with us:

Step 1: Registering for a NetDepot Account

After you sign up at NetDepot’s registration page, you will be automatically logged in to our client portal. Click on “Add Servers” on the left sidebar. You will first be prompted to deposit funds (at least $5) before you can get started. This is to prevent against fraud and spammer accounts and will be credited to your server expenses. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and even Bitcoin!

Cloud Server - Step 1

Step 2: Adding a New Cloud Server

Choose the location you would like your server, what size best fits your needs, then the operating system you prefer. Once those are selected you can enter a domain alias to easier identify the server in the future and click “Deploy Server”. Continue reading “Setting up a NetDepot Cloud Server” Revamps Dedicated Server Reseller Program a 20 year dedicated server provider has announced the re-launch of its successful Dedicated Server Reseller Program which includes additional features, discounted and exclusives available to its resellers.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 11, 2015

Operating the same successful program over the last decade has brought substantial operating results for and its valued reseller base. Today announces a brand new Dedicated Server Reseller Program, which aims to give its existing and new resellers the best discounts, resources and tools available to allow its reseller the greatest success possible. Discounts up to 25% are available to resellers that quality.

“We are in a great position in our business to focus on what matters most to our high valued customers. Discounts and exclusive perks are something we work very hard to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We are focused on providing our resellers with unique tools and resources which no other provider includes,” says Rodney Giles, President of has been in overdrive mode in recent weeks having just announced a freemium CDN offering as well as the opening of its New York City location in April.

“We have been working on a complete renaissance of in the last 6 months and we are finally starting to see a lot of that work come to light. We are excited about some very exciting changes in the next few weeks we cannot wait to share with everyone,” says Giles.


NetDepot provides leading-edge dedicated servers and cloud servers to a wide variety of corporate and enterprise clients. NetDepot utilizes robust, redundant datacenters in New York, Atlanta and Dallas giving the best performance and redundancy to its valued clients. NetDepot is net income profitable and carries no debt and has a 20-year history. With this solid financial management and long history it is the stable place for your IT needs. For more information, please visit

NetDepot Jumps into CDN Market with On-Demand Content Distribution Network, a dedicated server provider jumps into CDN Market with the launch of its global Content Distribution Network with POPs in over 63 locations and more than 30 unique countries. There is no charge for the service up to 100GB per month and simply $0.05 per GB thereafter.

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 01, 2015

With availability starting today, NetDepot’s worldwide Content Distribution Network or CDN is available with Point of Presences (POPs) in 63 locations and more than 30 unique countries. Already with more locations in the works, the fully redundant CDN provides those with the ability of hosting content closest to the end user.

“After much success in the dedicated server market, we know how important it is for our clientele to have locally cached content in various regions around the world. Our CDN is a top priority for” says Rodney Giles, President of

NetDepot goes one step above the rest by not only launching a redundant, rock solid CDN platform, but also gives away the first 100GB of traffic each Month for Free with no strings attached, each additional Gigabyte beyond the initial 100GB is priced at $0.05 per GB.

“We really believe strongly in this product and what better way to get our customer base and those around the world to start a using more enhanced content delivery tools than to provide them an incentive to make this happen. We hope everyone that puts value to their website will considering caching their content world-wide to improve the general delivery of their website.” says Giles.

Most recently NetDepot was in the news for launching its new facility in the New York City area with availability of its New York City Dedicated Servers. NetDepot is busy with a US roll out as previously announced in December of 2014 with plans to turn up facilities in Chicago and Los Angeles in the later half of 2015.


NetDepot provides leading-edge dedicated servers and cloud servers to a wide variety of corporate and enterprise clients. NetDepot utilizes robust, redundant datacenters in New York, Atlanta and Dallas giving the best performance and redundancy to its valued clients. NetDepot is net income profitable and carries no debt and has a 20-year history. With this solid financial management and long history it is the stable place for your IT needs. For more information, please visit

NetDepot Opens New York City Area Data Center for Dedicated Servers & Cloud Servers, a hosting provider with data centers in Atlanta and Dallas, has announced the opening of its New York City data center. Dedicated servers are available immediately while cloud servers will be rolled out in the next 30 days.

NetDepot is fast acting on its U.S. expansion as it most recently announced expansion into New York City as well as Chicago and Los Angeles and will expand into Europe and Asia at the end of 2015 and into 2016.

“We have a large customer presence in the New York City area, thus we acted on the demand and delivered to our clients exactly what they wanted, a local presence,” said Rodney Giles, President of “We are thrilled to have this location live and anticipate rapid growth in this population base.”

“Just as we deployed our New York City data center location, we will use those best practices to complete Chicago and Los Angeles in the next few months,” added Giles.

NetDepot, a company with a 20-year history, provides self-managed dedicated servers and cloud servers to a wide variety of corporate and enterprise clients.

Atlanta Network Upgrade

On March 15 during a planned and notified maintenance window we initiated a network move to new switching gear, which is the final step in separating our networks from the sale of our prior company AtlantaNap to Zayo.

We had already completed the rest of the move over the prior 90 days during maintenance windows successfully.

There was a problem with the piece of equipment and subsequent configurations that caused a spike in CPU loads on that network segment due to problematic configurations between the old network and the new network.

The issue was isolated to one network segment in one of our three data centers. Most customers were resolved immediately however a subset of customers required new VLAN configurations be updated to their profiles which turned out to be a time-consuming process leading to extended downtime for a small number of customers.

This was a one-time move due to a prior sale, which we do not have in the future since the networks are now fully separated.

Cloud is Live in Atlanta

Our Cloud Servers are live in our Atlanta facility and will shortly be rolled out in our New York City area and Dallas facility in the next 30 days.

Some great features of our cloud include:

  • Fully redundant hardware design
  • Fully redundant network design
  • 20Gbit connectivity between all servers
  • Full automation – from account creation to termination
  • Vast array of OS templates

We have many new features coming soon and will be releasing various updates in the near future.


Rodney Giles, President

New Portal 2.0

We are very excited for our forthcoming release of our new Portal 2.0.

Among a complete overhaul of our existing portal, we have many additional features, which have been added such as:

  • Cloud Servers
  • Improved Support Channels
  • VPN Auto Activation Utility
  • DNS Management
  • Redundant Automated Remote Reboot (IPMI & PDU Reboot)

Other features, which will be added shortly include:

  • CDN
  • Free Server Monitoring
  • Automated Licensing Portal

Screenshot 2015-02-11 10.50.36

All existing customers who our in our original Portal will be migrated in phases to our new Portal over the next 2 months. We will notify each client before any changes do occur to ensure a completely seamless migration.

Please e-mail me at the address below with any suggestions or feedback.


Rodney Giles, President

The Case for Raid

As a datacenter operators of 1,000’s of servers at NetDepot and previously the owner of a mid-sized shared hosting provider, I know directly the benefits of using Raid as opposed to be going cheap and not using Raid. I am all for being cheap, however the benefits of using Raid vs using a single drive far outweigh the pure cost perspective.

Increased IO
Not only do you get the redundancy issue, but when using Raid10, you also get increased performance.

Redundancy, Redundancy and Redundancy!
Hard drives fail. Did you read that, hard drives will fail eventually. Fortunately with Raid10, when a hard drive does fail, we can replace that (without any downtime) and the array will rebuild without any data issues.

Comparing this to replacing a single failed drive, can be the difference of no downtime or a simple reboot to a full restore without raid that could many hours or even days in some cases.

All of our internal infrastructure here at runs on Raid10 and I sleep well at night knowing that, I would suggest the same to anyone else.


Rodney Giles, President Announces Major Expansion Plans

Today a world-class provider of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) has announced major expansion plans, with forthcoming service expansions to the Los Angeles, Chicago and New York markets.

Along with the major footprint expansion, has also announced that Rodney Giles, a web hosting industry veteran has taken the position of President and has purchased a stake in

“Working with Rodney was a no brainer due to his successful track record. We are excited about the expansion plans which are forthcoming and letting Rodney take over the day to day operations”, said Jeff Hinkle, Chairman of has historically been a dedicated server provider out of Atlanta and Dallas.’s sister companies Colo Facilities Atlanta, LLC (the operator of the AtlantaNAP was sold to Zayo and GNAX Healthcare, LLC was sold to Perceptive software a division of Lexmark earlier this year.

“I look forward to working with’s existing team and growing this exciting business. I have no doubt we will catapult ourselves to being a leader in bare metal cloud, IasS and Cloud services.” Says Rodney Giles, President of’s ambitious plans calls for hiring an additional 30 team members in the next 12 months in its Houston location in areas such as Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.