Installing the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) on CentOS

What is LAMP?

Besides a wonderful device that produces light, LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

linux, apache, mysql, php installation

It’s a common combination of services that are needed in web development when setting up a server.

When you activate a cloud server with NetDepot you’ll more than likely want this combo installed to start development.
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DNS Management

Ready to point your domain name somewhere? Manage your DNS to point to your dedicated or cloud server:

Step 1: Get to the DNS Page

Under “Network” on your sidebar you will find the “DNS” link. Go ahead and click that after you’ve logged in to your NetDepot Server Control Panel.

NetDepot Cloud Server DNS Management

Step 2: Adding a Zone

Once you’re navigated to the DNS Page, click in the “Zone Name” field and add your domain name. Locate the IP address of your server and add it to the “IP” field. Then click “Add Zone” to add it to your list of domains you wish to manage. Continue reading “DNS Management”

cPanel License Installation

Have a cPanel License? Installation on your server couldn’t be easier. Here’s a simple how-to on adding a cPanel License with us:

Step 1: Get to the cPanel Page

We’re breaking these steps up really, really small here because it is just that simple to set up a cPanel License with NetDepot. So, the first step here really isn’t even a step. After you’ve logged in to your NetDepot Server Control Panel, click on “Software Licenses” > “cPanel License”.

Navigate to the cPanel License page

Step 2: Add Your cPanel IP

This gets a tad complicated. You have to decide whether you’re adding the cPanel Dedicated License or the cPanel VPS License. Either way, go ahead and plug your license’s IP address into the appropriate field and click the “add” button next to that field. Your page will reload and you should see the license displayed below the add license fields! Continue reading “cPanel License Installation”

Setting up a NetDepot Cloud Server

So, you’ve decided it’s time to get a cloud server set up for that next project your starting on. Great! NetDepot is here to make that a breeze for you. Here’s a simple how-to on setting up a cloud server with us:

Step 1: Registering for a NetDepot Account

After you sign up at NetDepot’s registration page, you will be automatically logged in to our client portal. Click on “Add Servers” on the left sidebar. You will first be prompted to deposit funds (at least $5) before you can get started. This is to prevent against fraud and spammer accounts and will be credited to your server expenses. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and even Bitcoin!

Cloud Server - Step 1

Step 2: Adding a New Cloud Server

Choose the location you would like your server, what size best fits your needs, then the operating system you prefer. Once those are selected you can enter a domain alias to easier identify the server in the future and click “Deploy Server”. Continue reading “Setting up a NetDepot Cloud Server”