Dedicated Servers – Gaining a Better Understanding

dedicated servers


When it comes to dedicated servers, speed and flexibility are two main benefits for consideration. Having a dedicated server is like having a powerful machine all to yourself. There are no shared resources to worry about. Dedicated hosting works especially well for large sites with huge database applications, streaming media, and e-commerce offerings. It can also serve customer needs by offering multiple domains or websites. The cost factor is also an element of consideration. A website’s cost per website goes down dramatically when dedicated servers are used.


Dedicated servers offer exclusive use of a physical machine, and at Netdepot we recommend them for high traffic websites or when exceptional security is needed. This type of server is usually rented or leased with a specified amount of memory, disk space and bandwidth dedicated to a single client. Many hosting companies offer dedicated packages complete with domain names, email and FTP services, and usually a cPanel to provide easy user management of applications and services.



Benefits Provided by Dedicated Servers:

When you lease a dedicated server, you have all the resources at your fingertips without the hassle of managing your own hardware. Services and resources are private, and you have full control on a secure platform for your web project. Security is ensured, and Netdepot suggests choosing a reliable and certified host. Other features you should look for are flexible resources. Customers like having the freedom to customize and configure their server. How the server works is totally up to the customer.


  • Choice of Operating System
  • Root Access
  • Custom Kernal Implementation
  • Development Platforms
  • Fast Data Access
  • Choice of Database
  • A great deal of flexibility over hardware and software configurations
  • Full access and use of dedicated IP addresses
  • Safe storage facility housing



Security is always a concern with customers looking for a dedicated hosting solution. The great thing about dedicated hosting is that no one, other than you and your hosting service, has access. Dedicated servers offer true web security, and through DdoS protection and firewalls provided by your host your data is secure. With a dedicated server you have the option of adding your own security measures, and most hosts provide scanning applications for protection against virus, hackers and other network hazards. Security experts monitor the host’s networks to guard against any intrusion and obtrusive invaders on their systems.


 NetDepot Bandwidth graph


At, we can offer both performance and reliability. Performance is need for a number of reasons. For instance, you may have a need to post numerous high-resolution photos and a ton of video-clips. This requires lots of bandwidth, and a scenario of short-load times. If your website is an e-commerce site, you need a lot of bandwidth to operate. There is also a benefit of having enough dedicated space to accommodate traffic spikes. Downtime is simply not something our customers can afford.



Managing the Server

With dedicated servers, you decide on the level of management you want or don’t want, and you can decide to upgrade or downgrade your package when needed. Most hosting companies offer cPanel for convenience, and you choose the software you want to install. Unmanaged packages put you in charge of maintenance, patches and upgrades, and the command line is available with security tiers of your choosing for administrators.


The Most Powerful Choices Available

Dedicates servers can offer the most powerful hosting choices available. You can reboot your system when needed, and your software can be completely customized to suit your personal business needs. Dedicated servers can generally run anything that comes their way. They can place a plethora of resources at the customer’s discretion. Thus, the customer views their performance possibilities as being more predictable. Packages are available for dedicated servers which include the hardware, ram and hard drive you need   in various increments, but we suggest finding a package size that allows some growth. Some hosts offer small beginner packages that include all the features you need to get you up and running. Whichever size package you need, dedicated servers offer you a safe and secure web environment for development and hosting.


If your company need a truly dedicated and custom environment, a dedicated server solution is the way to go. Scalability is built into the whole process, and this can benefit companies from the very start.

Cloud Hosting and Baseball

If you could bat with 10 bats at once, would you?

What if I were to tell you that hosting with NetDepot’s Cloud Servers is like stepping up to the plate with 10 bats? Imagine having multiple fail-safes to ensure you crack that ball into the stands. You would take that opportunity in a second.


That’s exactly what hosting in the cloud is like. With multiple servers connected and your data spread across all of our cloud, if one fails for any reason your online presence doesn’t miss a beat. Get the best performance, relilability and epic support with NetDepot.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

  • Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy.
  • The fastest connection, guaranteed.
  • Data loss protection across multiple servers.
  • Ability to expand storage, RAM and bandwidth.
  • Priced hourly for quick deployment.
  • Did we mention redundancy?

Getting started with cloud hosting.

Setting up your cloud server is easier than ever with our NetDepot Portal. Simply login or create an account and click the “Add Servers” link on the menu. For detailed instructions on setting up a cloud server check out our how-to on Setting up a NetDepot Cloud Server.

If you have any questions about getting started never hesitate to contact one of our sales professionals for help, or start a chat below.

Virtual Private Network

Free VPN Acces

All NetDepot customers have free VPN access to all of our private network services such as: IPMI, Server-to-Server Connectivity, Network Storage. All locations are interconnected by 10Gbit fiber in all locations.


  • If I have a server in Dallas, can I connect to another location’s VPN?
  • What does this service cost?
    Our VPN Service is FREE!
  • Why would I need VPN access?
    To access our IPMI features such as KVM. Also, many customers use this to lock down certain administrative ports such as SSH, Remote Desktop, etc cto only the Private Network Connection (10.x.x.x).

Installing the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) on CentOS

What is LAMP?

Besides a wonderful device that produces light, LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

linux, apache, mysql, php installation

It’s a common combination of services that are needed in web development when setting up a server.

When you activate a cloud server with NetDepot you’ll more than likely want this combo installed to start development.
Continue reading “Installing the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) on CentOS”

DNS Management

Ready to point your domain name somewhere? Manage your DNS to point to your dedicated or cloud server:

Step 1: Get to the DNS Page

Under “Network” on your sidebar you will find the “DNS” link. Go ahead and click that after you’ve logged in to your NetDepot Server Control Panel.

NetDepot Cloud Server DNS Management

Step 2: Adding a Zone

Once you’re navigated to the DNS Page, click in the “Zone Name” field and add your domain name. Locate the IP address of your server and add it to the “IP” field. Then click “Add Zone” to add it to your list of domains you wish to manage. Continue reading “DNS Management”

cPanel License Installation

Have a cPanel License? Installation on your server couldn’t be easier. Here’s a simple how-to on adding a cPanel License with us:

Step 1: Get to the cPanel Page

We’re breaking these steps up really, really small here because it is just that simple to set up a cPanel License with NetDepot. So, the first step here really isn’t even a step. After you’ve logged in to your NetDepot Server Control Panel, click on “Software Licenses” > “cPanel License”.

Navigate to the cPanel License page

Step 2: Add Your cPanel IP

This gets a tad complicated. You have to decide whether you’re adding the cPanel Dedicated License or the cPanel VPS License. Either way, go ahead and plug your license’s IP address into the appropriate field and click the “add” button next to that field. Your page will reload and you should see the license displayed below the add license fields! Continue reading “cPanel License Installation”

Setting up a NetDepot Cloud Server

So, you’ve decided it’s time to get a cloud server set up for that next project your starting on. Great! NetDepot is here to make that a breeze for you. Here’s a simple how-to on setting up a cloud server with us:

Step 1: Registering for a NetDepot Account

After you sign up at NetDepot’s registration page, you will be automatically logged in to our client portal. Click on “Add Servers” on the left sidebar. You will first be prompted to deposit funds (at least $5) before you can get started. This is to prevent against fraud and spammer accounts and will be credited to your server expenses. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and even Bitcoin!

Cloud Server - Step 1

Step 2: Adding a New Cloud Server

Choose the location you would like your server, what size best fits your needs, then the operating system you prefer. Once those are selected you can enter a domain alias to easier identify the server in the future and click “Deploy Server”. Continue reading “Setting up a NetDepot Cloud Server”

Atlanta Network Upgrade

On March 15 during a planned and notified maintenance window we initiated a network move to new switching gear, which is the final step in separating our networks from the sale of our prior company AtlantaNap to Zayo.

We had already completed the rest of the move over the prior 90 days during maintenance windows successfully.

There was a problem with the piece of equipment and subsequent configurations that caused a spike in CPU loads on that network segment due to problematic configurations between the old network and the new network.

The issue was isolated to one network segment in one of our three data centers. Most customers were resolved immediately however a subset of customers required new VLAN configurations be updated to their profiles which turned out to be a time-consuming process leading to extended downtime for a small number of customers.

This was a one-time move due to a prior sale, which we do not have in the future since the networks are now fully separated.

Cloud is Live in Atlanta

Our Cloud Servers are live in our Atlanta facility and will shortly be rolled out in our New York City area and Dallas facility in the next 30 days.

Some great features of our cloud include:

  • Fully redundant hardware design
  • Fully redundant network design
  • 20Gbit connectivity between all servers
  • Full automation – from account creation to termination
  • Vast array of OS templates

We have many new features coming soon and will be releasing various updates in the near future.


Rodney Giles, President

New Portal 2.0

We are very excited for our forthcoming release of our new Portal 2.0.

Among a complete overhaul of our existing portal, we have many additional features, which have been added such as:

  • Cloud Servers
  • Improved Support Channels
  • VPN Auto Activation Utility
  • DNS Management
  • Redundant Automated Remote Reboot (IPMI & PDU Reboot)

Other features, which will be added shortly include:

  • CDN
  • Free Server Monitoring
  • Automated Licensing Portal

Screenshot 2015-02-11 10.50.36

All existing customers who our in our original Portal will be migrated in phases to our new Portal over the next 2 months. We will notify each client before any changes do occur to ensure a completely seamless migration.

Please e-mail me at the address below with any suggestions or feedback.


Rodney Giles, President