Dedicated Server Features & Add-on Services

While the below listed features are included on every server we offer here at, we do provide various paid upgrades to Hard Drives, RAM, Raid Controllers, Network, Hardware Firewall & Software. Below is our comprehensive list of available add-on services.

Ram Options

RAM Size Cost
16GB Monthly$32.00 USD
16GB Buydown$192.00 USD Setup Fee
24GB Monthly$64.00 USD
24GB Buydown$384.00 USD Setup Fee
32GB Monthly$96.00 USD
32GB Buydown$576.00 USD Setup Fee

Hard Disk Drive Options

Hard Disk Drive Cost
1TB SATA Monthly$10.00 USD
1TB SATA Buydown$200.00 USD Setup Fee
2TB SATA Monthly$15.00 USD
2TB SATA Buydown$320.00 USD Setup Fee
3TB SATA Monthly$20.00 USD
3TB SATA Buydown$400.00 USD Setup Fee
4TB SATA Monthly$40.00 USD
4TB SATA Buydown$500.00 USD Setup Fee
6TB SATA Monthly$75.00 USD
6TB SATA Buydown$900.00 USD Setup Fee
120GB Enterprise SSD Monthly$10.00 USD
120GB Enterprise SSD Buydown$220.00 USD Setup Fee
240GB Enterprise SSD Monthly$15.00 USD
240GB Enterprise SSD Buydown$500.00 USD Setup Fee
480GB Enterprise SSD Monthly$65.00 USD
480GB Enterprise SSD Buydown$800.00 USD Setup Fee
800GB Enterprise SSD Monthly$125.00 USD
800GB Enterprise SSD Buydown$1500.00 USD Setup Fee

Raid Controller Options

Raid Controller Cost
High Performance 4 Port Raid Controller w/BBU Monthly$50.00 USD
High Performance 4 Port Raid Controller w/BBU Buydown$950.00 USD Setup Fee
4 Port Hardware Raid Controller Monthly$25.00 USD
2 Port Hardware Raid Controller Monthly$10.00 USD

Private Network Options

Private Network Cost
1Gbit Private Network UplinkIncluded
10Gbit Private Network Uplink$59.00 USD

IP Address Options

IP Address Cost
5 Public & 5 Private IP AddressesIncluded
Additional IPs can be ordered in our Client Area$3 per IP

Control Panel Options

Control Panel Cost
cPanel Dedicated Server License w/Softaculous$29.00 USD

Operating System Options

Operating Systems Cost
CentOS 6 (64-Bit)Included
CentOS 6 (32-Bit)Included
CentOS 7 (64-Bit)Included
Scientific Linux 6Included
Ubuntu 14.10 (64-Bit)Included
Ubuntu 14.10 (32-Bit)Included
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64-Bit)Included
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (32-Bit)Included
FreeBSD 10Included
FreeBSD 9Included
Windows 2012 Standard Edition$20.00 USD
Windows 2012 Enterprise Edition$40.00 USD
Windows 2012 Datacenter Edition$150.00 USD
Windows 2008 Standard Edition$20.00 USD
Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition$40.00 USD
Windows 2008 Datacenter Edition$150.00 USD

Management Service Options

Management Services Cost
Full 24×7 Server Management & Monitoring$99 USD