Dedicated Server Features

While the below listed features are included on every server we offer here at, we do provide various paid upgrades to Hard Drives, RAM, Raid Controllers, Network, Hardware Firewall & Software. Below is our comprehensive list of available add-on services.

Ram Options

RAM Size Cost
16GB Monthly$32.00 USD
16GB Buydown$192.00 USD Setup Fee
24GB Monthly$64.00 USD
24GB Buydown$384.00 USD Setup Fee
32GB Monthly$96.00 USD
32GB Buydown$576.00 USD Setup Fee

Hard Disk Drive Options

Hard Disk Drive Cost
1TB SATA Monthly$10.00 USD
1TB SATA Buydown$200.00 USD Setup Fee
2TB SATA Monthly$15.00 USD
2TB SATA Buydown$320.00 USD Setup Fee
3TB SATA Monthly$20.00 USD
3TB SATA Buydown$400.00 USD Setup Fee
4TB SATA Monthly$40.00 USD
4TB SATA Buydown$500.00 USD Setup Fee
6TB SATA Monthly$75.00 USD
6TB SATA Buydown$900.00 USD Setup Fee
120GB Enterprise SSD Monthly$10.00 USD
120GB Enterprise SSD Buydown$220.00 USD Setup Fee
240GB Enterprise SSD Monthly$15.00 USD
240GB Enterprise SSD Buydown$500.00 USD Setup Fee
480GB Enterprise SSD Monthly$65.00 USD
480GB Enterprise SSD Buydown$800.00 USD Setup Fee
800GB Enterprise SSD Monthly$125.00 USD
800GB Enterprise SSD Buydown$1500.00 USD Setup Fee

Raid Controller Options

Raid Controller Cost
High Performance 4 Port Raid Controller w/BBU Monthly$50.00 USD
High Performance 4 Port Raid Controller w/BBU Buydown$950.00 USD Setup Fee
4 Port Hardware Raid Controller Monthly$25.00 USD
2 Port Hardware Raid Controller Monthly$10.00 USD

Private Network Options

Private Network Cost
1Gbit Private Network UplinkIncluded
10Gbit Private Network Uplink$59.00 USD

IP Address Options

IP Address Cost
5 Public & 5 Private IP AddressesIncluded
Additional IPs can be ordered in our Client Area$3 per IP

Control Panel Options

Control Panel Cost
cPanel Dedicated Server License w/Softaculous$29.00 USD

Operating System Options

Operating Systems Cost
CentOS 6 (64-Bit)Included
CentOS 6 (32-Bit)Included
CentOS 7 (64-Bit)Included
Scientific Linux 6Included
Ubuntu 14.10 (64-Bit)Included
Ubuntu 14.10 (32-Bit)Included
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64-Bit)Included
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (32-Bit)Included
FreeBSD 10Included
FreeBSD 9Included
Windows 2012 Standard Edition$20.00 USD
Windows 2012 Enterprise Edition$40.00 USD
Windows 2012 Datacenter Edition$150.00 USD
Windows 2008 Standard Edition$20.00 USD
Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition$40.00 USD
Windows 2008 Datacenter Edition$150.00 USD

Management Service Options

Management Services Cost
Full 24×7 Server Management & Monitoring$99 USD