• Houston's Only Tier4 Purpose Built Facility
  • 9+ Available Network Carriers
  • Fully Redundant Power Options
  • Free Smart-Remote Hands

This modular spec built facility is truly a model for datacenter excellence. As an example, our robust design includes flexible Tier II/Tier IV deployments and 185MPH wind load resistance. The location was chosen for its ideal characteristics from a risk perspective, such as being outside of the 500 year floodplain, >1 mile from any major highway thoroughfare, >1.5 miles from any rail lines, not in any major commercial flight paths, not near any pipelines or hazardous material storage, and 65 miles inland from the coast.


You’ll not find a better datacenter to host your most critical infrastructure needs in the Houston Metro area.

About NETdepot
Houston Datacenter
Just 15 miles from IAH Airport, 1.5 Miles West of 45, 2 Miles South of the Grand Parkway, 3.5 miles south of the Woodlands, 22 Miles from Downtown Houston, and 30 Miles from the Katy/West Houston Energy corridor.


How long do services take to be deployed?

Generally less than 24 hours from the time your order is submitted. In certain cases, which require custom power circuit installations, additional time may be required.

Can I access my own internet provider?

Absolutely, you may have access to our carriers by ordering a cross connect through our support portal.

    • $175 for Single Mode Fiber – one-time fee only
    • $125 for Copper Cross Connect – one-time fee only

Did we mention there are no monthly fees for Cross Connects?

Do you have staff onsite available to help if a problem occurs on my equipment?

Absolutely, we are staffed 24×7 with knowledgeable datacenter engineers who can assist both in network & server needs.

We currently serve clients throughout the world who never need to access our location.

How can I access my servers?

Cabinet customers will be issued a badge to allow 24×7 unescorted access into and out of our facility. 

Single server colocations do require a escort to their equipment as needed.

Colocation Services
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