NETdepot's Managed Services


We manage your infrastructure so you can focus on managing your business.


For the modern enterprise

Managed Network Services

End-to-end management for enhanced ease. 

  • Management of entire networking infrastructure

  • Monitoring and management of wide-area network infrastructure and services

  • Management of firewall and VPN infrastructure

  • Management of both site-to-site VPNs and end-user remote SSL VPNs

Managed Private Cloud

NETdepot organizes and optimizes all of your digital assets.

  • Management of the virtualization stack, including VMware ESXi, vSphere, vCloud Director, and Microsoft HyperV

  • Management of the full configuration of the hypervisor servers

  • Management of virtual servers and their associated configuration and data

Managed Infrastructure

Management, maintenance, and monitoring: all in one service.

  • Management of entire IT fabric

  • Management of business software applications

  • OS deployment, patching, configuration, and upgrade lifecycle

  • Maintenance of customer's active directory

Increase Profitability, Automate Workflows, Enhance Productivity, and Reduce Errors with NETdepot's Managed Services. 



More Time to Put Toward Business Objectives

No more time-sucking IT problems. Investing in managed services enables your in-house IT staff to focus on the essential tasks that drive your business' core interests. You can count on us to handle the rest.

Benefit from Unrivaled Expertise

NETdepot doesn't just satisfy your expectations; we exceed them. When you sign on our dotted line, you sign to bolster your business with the elite expertise of our technicians and specialists.

Leave Behind Risks in Your Rearview

Our support team monitors your network and operations around the clock, minimizing the risk of downtime or cyber-attacks.

Working with NETdepot, things are much more efficient. We have been able to get time back and trust that NETdepot will secure our data.

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