S3 Storage powered by Cloudian

NetDepot S3 object-storage based on the Cloudian software architecture is designed for both maximum reliability and maximum throughput at the best possible price.

NetDepot prides itself on offering Zero-transaction fees on any Requests while offering the lowest possible prices on all outbound data transfers. The flexibility of connecting your own local Metro-Ethernet, MPLS or dark-fiber allows you to have line speed rated connection to your S3 object-storage.

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First 10TB / month$0.0220 per GB
Next 90TB / month$0.0205 per GB
Next 400TB / month$0.0195 per GB
Next 500TB / month$0.0185 per GB
Over 1PB / month$0.0175 per GB


Data Transfer into NetDepot
All data transferinbound Included
Data Transfer out from NetDepot to the Internet
First 30TB / monthIncluded
Next 70TB / month$0.030 per GB
Next 100TB / month$0.025 per GB
Data Transfer out to Customer Provided Cross Connect
Unlimited Transfer @ 1gbps$50 per month
Unlimited Transfer @ 10gbps$250 per month
Unlimited Transfer @ 40gbps$1000 per month

Available Zones: Houston & Atlanta (Q2 2019)